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adosodatothemax's Journal

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23 July
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oh the reason, the night is long.
is very simple.
*myhero*, *worth the drive*, 12 griggadies, 308, a becoming walk, acoustic, aim, alkaline trio, all that's left, american football, being hip, being real, being thoughtful, ben folds, ben folds five, black t-shirts, blink, braid, brandston, brandtson, brave saint saturn, chromsome22, coalesce, cool hand luke, cortez, cross my heart, cursive, dancing, dashboard confessional, dogwood, dork, drawing, dreaming, drew carey, driving, drums, eating, emo, ev angel, five iron frenzy, friends, friends and folk, frodus, further seems forever, furthermore, geek, god, grafix, graphics, guitar, hair, hair-cutting, hardcore, hey mercedes, high fidelity, holding hands, hoodies, hope, hot rod circuit, indian summer, indie, james dewees, jesus, jets to brazil, joshua, joy electric, knapsack, koufax, linux, litestep.net, matt skiba, mineral, mtv2, mullets, my hotel year, my old hair cut, myhero, onelinedrawing, pedro the lion, philmore, pixelcore, pop unknown, programming, punk, rachel price, radar mercury, rainer maria, rap, remote controls, roadside monument, rock, sagoh 24/7, seldom, show photos, showers, shows, small brown bike, soccer, song writing, sorry about dresden, sound, squad five-o, strings, tacos, tearing apart the moment, teh jealous sound, texas is the reason, the 65 films show, the anniversery, the appleseed cast, the appleseedcast, the beutiful mistake, the blacktop cadence, the get up kids, the june spirit, the mates of state, the miracle of 86, the promise ring, the recess theory, the rocking horse winner, the sky, the weakerthans, theonlywaynottodie, thursday, trees (for hugging), unix, unsung zeroes, unwed sailor, web design, wesley willis, winking, worth the drive

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