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long day's dream about dancing.


i'm really tired. it's been a long day at work. watching 50+ kids isn't fun. i like the kids though. but i'm proboubly going to attempt getting a job at the video game store in the mall close to school. that would be so much fun. lot's of rock. all over your face.

umm. played guitar with jose again. i think he's gotten the idea that i don't really want to do a side project with him. something about playing songs with someone that's not a chrisitian. or something. i'm pretty picky that way i guess. my neck hurts.

i'm much to tired to think of things to write here.

something. i have to write a whole three hundred words for silly english class. = easy. that class is fun, because everyone is dumb. we laugh. it's great. how do these people get into college anyway? seriously, there are a lot of stupid people there. and people who don't care about learning, they just want to get a better job. boring.

i think rainer maria is much more interesting than not. thank you.
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