joshie (adosodatothemax) wrote,

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sigh. today is new music day maybe.

today = rock from....
brandtson - dial in sounds (amazing rock. emo side to it, but rock alll over)
alkaline trio/hot water music split - (good, very good. i love people that cover alk3io songs)
american football - newer ep (oh my gosh. these three songs are so important. amazing)
five iron - i don't know the name. something electric (not bad, not much ska though. hmm. five iron was my fav. band for the longest time, so i'm still down for it.)
the new amster dams (pre-release this comes out tuesday) wow. they took the good songs from the other one and made more like that. really good

also brandston and the mates of state shows are coming up. gosh am i excited. i'm going to buy tshirts like i always do. i think my tshirt collection will be very big soon.
either way. goodnight.
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