joshie (adosodatothemax) wrote,

hee hee.

"every single time, i see you,
i feel alone, and without friends...
*gone!* here! now gone again."

that's a song brad wrote about me when i went through a "get on with my life without music" phase. yeah. he was very upset. i think rachel was clouding my judgement a lot. a lot for real. gah. why do we surround ourselves with people that arn't good for us, just to feel loved and with purpose? eff that. yeah. brad (the one you met) is bomb cause he still likes me. gosh. i must have been no fun while i was in highschool. why do people still tend to care about me/like me.

brad h is bomb. we hung out a lot today. first tacobell then singing at my house then he drove with me to leesburg and back to get my little brother from grandma's. then we sang some more and he showed me how to play that song. what a rad kid. i like brad.

hmm. what else? well. i'm kinda tired from getting lost last night. ha ha. but i'm ok.

the strokes are dumb fashion rock. don't be pulled in by the promises of fame and fortune. it's all a lie.
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