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so what, with this barrage of endless light. [24 Jun 2003|10:54am]
I'll shout it from the mountains
how my God ransomed me.
and even when i'm lonely,
your there to comfort me...

he is still the one who rescues,
he's the only one who cares,
Lord you are my comfort
my first joy without compare

and there is a new life,
and there is a new joy,
and there is a new hope
in you, Lord jesus.
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[08 Apr 2003|03:41pm]
your the only person i know,
who hates the sunset.
and i'm the only one i know,
who would die for it.
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bang!!! [08 Apr 2003|03:35pm]
get this: the journal is going to be lyrics and poetry only from now on! hah!

hopefully i can keep it secret without making it friends only or some crap. argh.
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how great is this... [11 Feb 2002|08:28am]
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ha ha. [07 Feb 2002|09:12am]
this is great.
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hooray! [03 Feb 2002|11:26pm]


Find out which band you are!

i couldn't help it. goodnight.

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update. [02 Feb 2002|11:58am]
oh yeah! and i'm only 8 cents in the hole. so if you have it (8 cents) send it to me. i'll make you something maybe. ha ha.
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gosh. it's saturday morning, but it feels like saturday night. [02 Feb 2002|11:20am]
i'm very tired. much to tired to be awake. i had to watch my cousins kids again this morning, but at least i can do whatever now, since they're all gone for the day.
sigh. yeah. they are super cute though. just waking up at five in the morning is a little rough.

i missed writing and now have nothing to say. isn't always that way.
yesterday i used some ben gay.
ok. no way.

so. [01 Feb 2002|06:46pm]
apparently bank of america charged me 200 dollars, for random things (overdraft = 1, using a dif. atm =1) eff them, never ever use their bank.
i refuse to censor myself, so i decided to make the triumphant return.
if you don't care, go away.
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[27 Jan 2002|12:14am]
eff word. yeah. rachel knows about my journal. so this is it. this is the fairwell. thanks for being there with me. if i start a new one you will be the first to know. well. maybe not. but it's possible.
so long and thanks for all the socks. this is an email (part) i recieved a few minutes ago.

You told me you loved me for 4 years, you said you wanted to marry me, for godsakes you even bought a ring. I remember that day many years ago when you came over to my house for lunch after church. that night, your mom said to me, josh thinks he is going to marry you, that was just hours after meeting me. I cant help but keep going back to that night and think, where did i go wrong, what did i do that was so awful to make you not want me anymore. i have nightmares every night about this, i wake up crying i go through my whole day crying and i fall asleep crying thinking, what should i have done different. i sometimes wish my life was over so that i wouldnt have to hurt anymore. and just when i think i might be alright, something else happens, than it starts all over again. I dont think you will ever be able to comprehend the pain you have caused me. and i only hope that one day, you will feel the pain i feel now, so that you will know what you have done to me.
the last thing i want is for you to be mad at me, and i know this email is going to probably upset you, but i just have to say what i feel. i have so much more im thinking yet i cant put it into words so this is it for now, i guess

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long day's dream about dancing. [22 Jan 2002|07:05pm]

i'm really tired. it's been a long day at work. watching 50+ kids isn't fun. i like the kids though. but i'm proboubly going to attempt getting a job at the video game store in the mall close to school. that would be so much fun. lot's of rock. all over your face.

umm. played guitar with jose again. i think he's gotten the idea that i don't really want to do a side project with him. something about playing songs with someone that's not a chrisitian. or something. i'm pretty picky that way i guess. my neck hurts.

i'm much to tired to think of things to write here.

something. i have to write a whole three hundred words for silly english class. = easy. that class is fun, because everyone is dumb. we laugh. it's great. how do these people get into college anyway? seriously, there are a lot of stupid people there. and people who don't care about learning, they just want to get a better job. boring.

i think rainer maria is much more interesting than not. thank you.
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so. [22 Jan 2002|07:15am]
it's much to early and i'm ridiculously tired.
the anniversary are going *woo ooo oo * in my ear. i like them.

"sound mixed in with discovery
you found an ancient land mark to call home."

thanks for my belt yo. it's super rocknroll.
went to the movies last night and saw "a beautiful mind" again. pretty good. russel crowe is silly but i really like his accent in that one.

"we'll always remember
how will remains"

i'm much to cold stupid fan. it's always on.. and it's sooo loud. gosh. ridiculously loud.
i think i'm going to get the word hemmingway tatooed on my stomach in straight up ghetto mafia fashion it would be bomb. ha ha. yes. i finished a farewell to arms yesterday. that was fun. and rachel badgered me about wanting to do something next weekend. ehh. i think i'm going to move somewhere very far from here. would you move with me?

some kids are doing this thing.. *sfay*. i have two problems with that (for me) as follows.
a. i dont' think i can promise that, and go through with a whole year. i'm getting older. ha ha. no, but i really think that's a super long time.
b. i hate promising stuff that's on some paper like a contract, when it's really a spiritual thing, (yes dating is spiritual). i don't know. i almost feel like it should be between me and God. yeah. but certainly go for it if your feeling it. i would suggest to at least check it out. it's well written, by this crazy kid badadam . he's rocknroll.

thank you goodnight.
did i mention that some of my friends took the liberty of decorating the stupid old strokes tour bus last night? yes they did. now they are rocknroll. stupid junk (being the strokes not my friends.)
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i've made a decision. [21 Jan 2002|12:18pm]
the only boy band i like is the juliana theory. so there.
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sigh. today is new music day maybe. [20 Jan 2002|11:32pm]
today = rock from....
brandtson - dial in sounds (amazing rock. emo side to it, but rock alll over)
alkaline trio/hot water music split - (good, very good. i love people that cover alk3io songs)
american football - newer ep (oh my gosh. these three songs are so important. amazing)
five iron - i don't know the name. something electric (not bad, not much ska though. hmm. five iron was my fav. band for the longest time, so i'm still down for it.)
the new amster dams (pre-release this comes out tuesday) wow. they took the good songs from the other one and made more like that. really good

also brandston and the mates of state shows are coming up. gosh am i excited. i'm going to buy tshirts like i always do. i think my tshirt collection will be very big soon.
either way. goodnight.
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yea! [19 Jan 2002|08:17pm]
so. singing hey mercedes with my little bros. was much more fun than cici's. yes. cici's. place of all grease. place of workers who don't know much english (not a big deal, unless they are the cashier) do you ever feel like a foreigner in your own town?

there's this thing called moodlogic. it's neat. get it at www.winamp.com for your winamp player. it's a program that works with winamp (only 2.x i think) and it profiles all your songs. like say i want a playlist that sounds like.. umm. 238 - coin laundry loser all i do is select that song and click instant playlist.
they only give you 100 free profiles, but after that, for every 5 songs you manually profile (pick a local band no one else knows about) you get 100 free profiles. also it'll fix all your id3 tags if you ask it too. fun stuff.

ok. i'l stop being a geek now. i hope you had a good day. mine was bomb.
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have i ever mentioned that i really like friends. [19 Jan 2002|06:12pm]
people are much to nice. no matter how much i neglect them my friends have consistently been there for me. gosh. i'm so blessed. and i never ever say that word.

wow. thank you.

hee hee. [19 Jan 2002|04:55pm]
"every single time, i see you,
i feel alone, and without friends...
*gone!* here! now gone again."

that's a song brad wrote about me when i went through a "get on with my life without music" phase. yeah. he was very upset. i think rachel was clouding my judgement a lot. a lot for real. gah. why do we surround ourselves with people that arn't good for us, just to feel loved and with purpose? eff that. yeah. brad (the one you met) is bomb cause he still likes me. gosh. i must have been no fun while i was in highschool. why do people still tend to care about me/like me.

brad h is bomb. we hung out a lot today. first tacobell then singing at my house then he drove with me to leesburg and back to get my little brother from grandma's. then we sang some more and he showed me how to play that song. what a rad kid. i like brad.

hmm. what else? well. i'm kinda tired from getting lost last night. ha ha. but i'm ok.

the strokes are dumb fashion rock. don't be pulled in by the promises of fame and fortune. it's all a lie.
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billy joe is sooo cute. [19 Jan 2002|01:56am]
i like greenday. hee hee. rocknroll to the max.

gosh. today was good with a rough ending. i'm much to tired to tell about it, suffice it to say i should get directions before trying to go home anymore.

i was pretty busy today. [18 Jan 2002|02:11pm]
so. i got some stuff done today. and i wore a tie to school. just for fun. i like ties.
also...i cut my hair. i know i know, i'm not samson anymore. i guess this would make me weak. i'm pretty sure i don't like it, but at least it doesn't look horrible. maybe i'll shave it on sunday or something. hmm.

looks like this:

please tell me what you think, unless you don't like it. if you don't like it wait like two weeks to tell me cause then it'll be a little more grown out and i'll feel better about it.
thanks a lot.
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rockandroll [17 Jan 2002|09:04am]
shower mix:

Mates Of State - It's The Law
Ben Folds - Zak And Sara
Cross My Heart - Angels And Gargoyles
The Appleseed Cast - 02 - Antihero
twothirtyeight - you made a way for moses
Alkaline Trio - She Took Him To The Lake
Beach Boys - In My Room
Jimmy Eat World - For Me This Is Heaven
Hey Mercedes - Our Weekend Starts On Wednesday
weezer - you gave your love to me softly
kind of like spitting - valentines day is over
Tenacious D - Rock Your Socks
04 Saves The Day - Take Our Cars Now!
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