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so. singing hey mercedes with my little bros. was much more fun than cici's. yes. cici's. place of all grease. place of workers who don't know much english (not a big deal, unless they are the cashier) do you ever feel like a foreigner in your own town?

there's this thing called moodlogic. it's neat. get it at for your winamp player. it's a program that works with winamp (only 2.x i think) and it profiles all your songs. like say i want a playlist that sounds like.. umm. 238 - coin laundry loser all i do is select that song and click instant playlist.
they only give you 100 free profiles, but after that, for every 5 songs you manually profile (pick a local band no one else knows about) you get 100 free profiles. also it'll fix all your id3 tags if you ask it too. fun stuff.

ok. i'l stop being a geek now. i hope you had a good day. mine was bomb.
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